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woensdag 29 april 2015

Greek bank deposits fall to ten-year low

- Grieken hebben hun geld nu grotendeels wel veiliggesteld , daar mogen ze de ECB voor bedanken. Dus naast de overheidsschulden , zijn de bankrisico's nu ook overgeheveld naar de Europese belastingbetaler. Griekenland is nu eindelijk klaar om op onze kosten failliet te gaan. Fijn dat wij de verantwoordelijkheid mogen dragen voor de keuzes die zij hebben gemaakt. Dit allemaal door onze politici die graag ons geldrondstrooien onder het excuus om de boel bij elkaar te houden. Dat mag best wat kosten natuurlijk. 

There has been no respite for Greek banks.
Money continued to flow out of the cash-strapped nation's banking system in March, as depositors took flight amid continued wrangling between Athens and its eurozone creditors over the terms of a bailout as Greece teeters on the edge of running out of cash.
Deposits in the Greek banking system fell to their lowest since May 2005 last month, according to European Central Bank data, slipping to €145bn, from €147.5bn in February.
That fall of €2.5 billion compares with much larger outflows in the previous three months, however (see chart) suggesting that wealthy Greek savers and large companies able to move money abroad have mostly done so.
Finance ministers of the European countries that have been propping Greece up since the eurozone crisis are refusing to unlock previously agreed bailout funds until radical Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras restarts austerity measures that have proven severely unpopular with domestic voters.
But the European Central Bank also makes last-ditch funds available to Greek lenders under its ELA - emergency liquidity assistance - programme.
It is currently unclear whether a Greek default on a €200m payment that is due to the International Monetary Fund on May 1 would trigger a cancellation of the ELA. Bloomberg is reporting, in fact, that the ECB's governing council has recently lifted the cap on the maximum it can offer under the ELA by €1.4bn to €76.9bn.

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