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dinsdag 5 mei 2015

IMF wordt wakker, beetje laat natuurlijk.

Het IMF gaat nu eisen dat de EU een faillissement moet accepteren als ze willen dat het IMF helpt bijspringen. Het zal uiteraard geen faillissement genoemd worden, maar gewoon een korting op de terug te betalen gelden. 

Greek bonds are being sold off again, as investors take fright at a warning from the International Monetary Fund that Athens is at risk of losing vital financial support.
The yield on Greece's debt due in 2017 has jumped back above 20 per, up 160 basis points at publication time while the yield on its 10-year debt due in 2025 has also edged up 64 basis points to 10.77 per cent.
The FT's Peter Spiegel reported on Monday night that Greece is so far off course on its $172bn bailout programme that it faces losing vital International Monetary Fund support unless European lenders write off significant amounts of its sovereign debt.
Strategists from Rabobank pointed out that this latest warning from the IMF comes on the back of preliminary data showing that Greece is on course to rack up a primary deficit of 1.5 per cent of GDP this year compared to the 3 per cent surplus enshrined under the current bailout agreement.
This, they write in a note on Tuesday, suggests the next aid package for Greece will need to be larger than previously anticipated. They add:
the FT article is effectively highlighting a blue and white striped elephant in the room – this being that while Greece and its creditors focus upon the details of the next programme they are not only ignoring the fact that the country's finances are unsustainable but, in so doing, are actually making matters worse.

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